Useful information

The service
1.About the service

In order to give you the possibility to try the service, we set a demo tour for you to edit and manage. But If you want to use the service for real, you need the Theta S camera that takes 360º pictures. This is because the application only works with this device. You can have the free plan or you can pay a license that lets you publish/share the number of tours you want.

2.About the plans

In all the plans:

  • The tours can have an unlimited number of 360º pictures.

  • The hosting of the tours is included.

  • The tours can be seen in any device, the viewer/player is responsive.

In case that the plan with the largest number of tours isn’t enough or if you need something custom made, contact us.

For licenses for corporative use or unlimited licenses, ask for our commercial options and strategic alliances.

3.About the the payment of the license

The price of a pack of tours is monthly and it’s payed with credit card in the web. You also have the choice of paying by wire transfer (this option is available in the web near to the option of paying with credit card) or arranging the payment directly with one of our sales representatives. We will have new payment methods like PayPal soon.

The system activates an automatic monthly charge. Each 30 days there will be a charge from the first payment of the license. You will be notified by email 5 days before the renovation.

4.About the cancellation of a paid plan

You can unsubscribe to your paid plan anytime you want. The payment for the next month will be cancelled automatically, without any kind of refund during the current month.

Once the cancellation is done, all the tours that were uploaded will be active for the next 15 days. After this period, they will be eliminated from the server with all their information.

5.Can I change my plan?

You can change your plan anytime you want. The new plan will be activated immediately after the payment.

You must keep in mind that if the new plan has a lower cost, the oldest tours will be eliminated from the server, leaving the number of tours that the new plan allows.

6.About the privacy of an account

One license is only for one user account. You can use the same credentials in multiple devices, but if you need to separate different types of projects (tours that are still in production, for example) and you don’t want everyone to see all the tours of a same account, you should create different accounts to have the privacy you need.

7.About the published/shared tours

Once you finished a project, you can export it and publish/share the tour in websites, through email, social networks, WhatsApp and other instant messaging and chat applications. The tour is shown through a viewer: 360 Player. The visitor will be able to make the tour (selecting the different viewpoints) and get the information of the property.

8.About the number of published/shared tours

The system only counts the tours that are uploaded to the server (cloud). This means that you can have a large number of tours created in your device and upload only the ones that you need to show in the moment.
The exported tours can be deactivated so that the public can’t reproduce them, but if they’re still in the cloud, the system will count them into your license pack.
If you exported all the tours that your license allows and you don’t want to change your plan for a bigger one, you will have to erase published tours and then upload the new ones. This way, you will be able to work with no limitation without needing to pass the number of tours that your current plan offers.

9.About the Internet connection

In the mobile app, you only need Internet to log into your account. You can take all the pictures, and create and edit tours with no connection. You can make tours anywhere, with or without access to a network.

How to use the service
1.How to start
  • 1

    We recommend you to acquire a 360-degree camera. Without the camera you will be able to try the app modifying the demo tour that will be given to you when you install the software, but you will not be able to create your own tours. To purchase it go to “camera purchase”.

  • 2

    Go to the web and choose a suitable plan for your needs.

  • 3

    When you decide to acquire a plan, being the first time, the system will ask you to register in the platform. This step is essential to continue the process. When you register, you create your user account. You will have to set a username and a password for logging in to the app and the web.

  • 4

    You must install the 360 MAGICTOUR app in your device. You can find it in the Apple Store for iPhone or iPad, and in Google Play for Android, with the name 360 MAGICTOUR.

  • 5

    Once you installed the app, in it you will find in the menu, in the left corner, a button that will open a tutorial with the most important functionalities.

2.Camera purchase

The camera is available in numerous shops. The model that works with the system is Ricoh Theta S. The most popular sites where you can buy the camera are:

You can also purchase the camera here, in our website, completing the form in the camera purchase section. We will be contacting you within 24 hours to clear all your doubts.

The 360 MAGICTOUR company is an intermediate, being the support and warranty of the device the manufacturer’s responsability.

3.How to use the app

Follow these steps:

  • 1

    Download and install the app.

  • 2

    Open the app.

    Enter your username and password.

  • 3

    Create a project.

    Select the button + to add a new project and complete its information.

  • 4

    Create spaces in the project.

    In this section the projects are listed. Enter the project tapping on its name to get the list of spaces. Create a new space selecting the button +, and write its name and description.

  • 5

    Take a 360º picture for each space.

    Turn on the camera and connect your mobile to the WiFi of the camera, then take a picture. Create this way all the different spaces for the tour.

  • 6

    Create connection points between the spaces.

    Insert “viewpoints” in the different spaces to link them in the tour.

  • 7

    Connect the spaces.

    Connect the saces linking the different viewpoints. You can edit each viewpoint in any moment.

  • 8

    Publish the project.

    Save the project, upload it to the cloud (it will sync up in all devices) and publish it. You can show it in your website, in social networks, sending it in an email or through messaging programs.

Your account in 360 MAGICTOUR
1.Register of a user

The only way to sign in is acquiring a plan. In the moment you register, you will have to set a username and a password to access in the future to your 360 MAGICTOUR account in the web. The same information will be requested by the system when you sign in to the mobile app. From your account, in the web, you will be able to configure everything that is related to the licenses, user information, password and some aspects of the management of your published projects.

2.My Account

Once you log in, entering to this section, you can do these actions:

  • See and modify your information.

  • Know which is your current plan and the remaining time until it is automatically renovated.

  • Purchase a new plan.

  • Cancel your current plan.

  • Close your account.


In this section you can do these actions:

  • See your current plan.

  • Change your plan.

4.My Projects

In this section you can access to all the projects you’ve created and choose which ones to publish/share, according to the number of tours that your plan offers. You can also replace or add (only if the viewpoint exists) pictures of the spaces of the tours.

The 360 Player and how to publish/share your magic tour
1.The viewer/360 Player

We created a responsive viewer/player for the virtual visit. This player doesn’t need any kind of plugin, as it is totally compatible with all current browsers and its technology is based on HTML 5 standards.

The interface of the viewer/player has a menu with 4 buttons:

  • 1

    Info: To show the tour’s information.

  • 2

    Share: To let the visitor share the tour.

  • 3

    Location: To give information about the place of property.

  • 4

    Contact: To give the contact information of the seller or of the person that the visitor should contact if she/he is interested in the property.


To publish/share the viewer/player with a tour, there 3 ways:

  • With a link to the viewer: It can be sent in a message or in an email, or it can be pasted in a website.

  • With a lightbox: The viewer will be opened inside the site with a button or a link.

  • With the 360 MAGICTOUR button: This is a special button that we created to open the lightbox with the viewer/player.

To use the 360 MAGICTOUR button or to create your own that opens the lightbox, follow what’s explained here.

Ask us

Do you have a question?
Write us an email to or complete the form below:


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Update 2016.06.29 – version 1.2.6 is now available on Android and iOS.

  • • Responsive
  • • Map Location
  • • Gyroscope
  • • Share Support
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