The new real estate experience


What is it about?

360 MagicTour is a new, innovative app, for the creation of virtual 360º tours. The visitors will be able to see the property independently, moving around the rooms and spaces.

Why is it great?

Because you'll be able to give your possible buyers an attractive and innovative experience in a very easy and affordable way.

Why is it great?

Open the doors of your properties to buyers from all of the world.

The visitors will be able to see the property independently, moving around the rooms, like in any real visit, but in a virtual environment.

Your investment. A monthly affordable price

Choose one of our packages, according to the number of tours you would like to publish/share.

Where to publish/share
the 360º tour

Real estate online portals – Personal websites – Emails – Social Networks

No programming knowledge required

360 MagicTour gives you access to an amazing world of creation. You don’t need to know how to program.


The 360 MagicTour output is 100% compatible with all devices like mobiles, tablets and desktop computers.

How does it work?

What you need is just the 360 MagicTour App in your mobile and the Theta S Camera.

Using the app, take a 360º picture with the Theta S camera.

Take more than one and create a tour with different viewpoints.

Publish/share your project wherever and whenever you want.

Want to see some examples?

Check them out. You can do the same within 30 minutes. This is real magic!

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We give support for every member of 360 MagicTour and we can do customization for corporative customers.

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